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Baby Kick'n Play Piano Gym Toys Children's Musical Toys- Baby Gym Play Mat Baby Pedal Piano Exercise Rack Activity Center for Infants and Toddlers (Color : Blue, Size : 82x72x55cm)

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  • EASY TO STORE: Fold the play mat up quickly and easily for compact storage or travel.
  • The environmentally friendly foam support with very good elasticity is soft, not easy to deform, and strong, so it is not afraid of pulling by the baby and does not hurt the baby.
  • Every time babies pat and pedal the keys, the piano sound will be emitted,the piano sound is crisp and pleasing to the ear,and it is suitable for your baby's eardrum auditory effect;it also emits a soft flash effect to attract your baby's attention.
  • The thick blanket is filled with fluffy PP cotton. When the baby is lying down or sitting, it feels more comfortable, and there are small pillows specially made for the baby, which give the baby's head intimate care.
  • The five toy pendants can be disassembled and carried out, which is convenient for the baby to play and can emit different sounds.