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Baby playmat Game Blanket Soft and Large Activity Gym with Colorful Stuffed Animals Early Education Puzzle Toys

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  • Safety and environmental protection material: The surface of the game pad is made of super soft cotton material. The foldable cushion has a removable toy and monkey cloth pad. It is easy to clean. The bottom is a moisture-proof fabric and is filled with PP cotton. It feels good and soft. Comfortable and caring for your baby's skin.
  • Promote growth: One of the functions of the baby fitness rack game blanket is fitness. Babies can play with the toys above at will, which can promote growth.
  • Improve intelligence: attractive colors, patterned blankets and pendants stimulate vision, such toys can promote the baby's intelligence.
  • Health escort: The game blanket has a certain thickness, so it is not afraid of children falling; and it can isolate the ground and avoid the dirt and cold of the ground.
  • Any scene: Whether the game blanket is at home or taking the baby to play, the hooks around the blanket can tie the baby's favorite toys together; as long as you prepare a septum and spread the game blanket on the ground, the baby will be there Play in a clean, familiar environment.